How much does a session cost?

The fee for a standard, 50-minute, session is $230. For clients who have a government concession card, e.g. pensioners,  the fee is $200. We no not bulk bill.

How much is the Medicare rebate?

For a 50 minutes session with a clinical psychologist, the Medicare rebate is $136.35. With a valid referral, Medicare refunds a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year. (This information was last updated in September 2023.)

How can I receive a Medicare rebate?

You can choose to go to any psychologist of your choice directly, without a referral. In that case the Medicare rebate does not apply.  To receive a Medicare rebate, you can only see a registered psychologist with a Medicare Provider Number to whom you have been referred by your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician. Your GP will prepare a Mental Health Treatment Plan before referring you to a psychologist. The clinical psychologists with All Talk Psychology have a Medicare Provider number and, with a valid referral, the Medicare rebate applies.  

Can I ask my GP to see a specific psychologist?

You can ask your GP for a referral to a specific psychologist under the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme, your GP will take this into consideration but may refer to a registered psychologist that they  recommend.